Tock tock tocktock

4 maj 2017

He strolled down the street, next to the buildings which housed students. His clothes consisted of a tracksuit, and the blond hair was in a bun on the top back of his head, as was fashionable at the time.

His steps were casual. He was eating a banana. When the banana was almost consumed, maybe having 1/3 left of it's fruity innards, he saw someone approach him down the street. The person approaching was to him unknown, and he held IKEA-bags. The bags were presumably filled with clothes, as revealed by him heading for the small house in which laundry was done.

The person with the bun, tracksuit and banana froze in his walk. The laundry man looked up, confused. As if entering a battle stance the frozen man aggressively threw his almost eaten banana in the ground and produced, maybe hidden in his other hand, maybe from his pockets, two small wooden sticks. The stick were about 20 centimeters long, maybe 2 centimeters in diameter and were covered with really beautiful carvings.

While in this battle stance, with the laundry man by now looking slightly afraid, he began hitting the sticks together, over his head, playing a kind of catchy rhythm "tock tock tocktock, tock tock tocktock, tock tock tocktock". Holding his legs stiff and shuffling around, he moved around like a monkey hitting two interesting items together in the hopes of scaring something away (or something, I don't know anything about monkeys!).

By now the laundry man found the whole situation slightly uncomfortable. He did not seem to know or recall ever meeting this track-suited loony. The door to the laundry was closer to him, and he went towards it, going out of sight from the other. The man with the sticks immediately stopped playing. But before being able to enter the laundry house, the man with the sticks had rounded the corner of the building, seen the man again and jumped straight into the same pose and played his melody until the other disappeared into the laundry house with his IKEA-bags.

The man in the tracksuit was later seen standing still on a lawn, checking his phone, during a hail storm.

The situation above was seen from my bedroom window