9 december 2017

A whining noise, modulating. Sound waves smearing splat splat splat, becoming an image. Morphing, colors. It's beautiful! Oh-a-face:


The world is soft. Soft face. But there's a pain. Wait, I have a neck. The pain is in my neck. But it's soft what is a wall, wall, roses. Wallpaper. Sheets, soft face neck world. What time face neck world. Maybe I should get up. What was that? Dream? Yes. Good, didn't like the face. Face? Was there a what time is it? Watch, next to pillow or maybe table-able? Able-table there-it-is fourteen thirty. Saturday, is okay.

Yes, hah, got up! First try no snooze, you snooze you lose! Neck, less pain, but not good. Should maybe go for a run later on, running compacts the back or straightens you out or maybe it's just good somehow.

Tea, mmm, yes make tea. Oh right gotta fill the form, stupid experiment. Got up? 14:30. Ate breakfast? Yes, or, will do. Wait, is it breakfast at fourteen thirty? Mark it x withaquestionmarkyes. Good. No bedtime, bedtime is later. Not a time traveler. Time betrays us all, but I'm a time traveler.

What the hell dish mountain, an ocean. No-smell-fix-later. Tea is needed. Earl grey? Cinnamon? Cup? Small pot? Pot small pot where is pot oh I cleaned it—not friends with the mountain, good. Fill up to one liter, no what, half a liter! Small pot. Ninety degrees, not hundred, so warm, can never drink. Think there's no measuring spoo- nope empty, this teaspoon will do. Teaspoon! Made for tea. But when you use different tea spoons everyday you don't get two point five teaspoons. All different, not tea. Standard, bah. Earl grey.

Did shitnothing yesterday must do shitsomething today. Fourieranalysis, no, optics, waves and optics. Okay. Haha giant coaster for pans for pot. From yesterdays computerdinner. Head not crammed. Was crammed yesterday, tried to read, loopback, nothing. Went to bed, better now? Now. The treatment of light as wave motion allows read yesterday, might as well re-read, brain unfried wavelength is considered to be negligible compared with the dimensions of oh it's the limit. What time fourteen fifty twitter NO! Looking crams head. Wrote silly shit yesterday, looking will make me crammed, potato. Over here, far away on piano. Oh, tea!

Since the wavelength of light—around 500 nm—is very small compared to ordinary objects, not good, not going so well. Well no hah it'll be okay. Wait. No. Recall that the appearance of distinct shadows influenced Newton to assert that the apparent back pains are no neck, not much back. Should really run later, compact it all, give it a good beat. Maybe later. Soon dark, who cares, cities have light. Is there snow? Shitty soon brokenagain blinders no snow.

When a ray of light is reflected in peanuts. Breakfast. I marked it x withaquestiomark. Hi mountain! It's friends with the toaster. Should turn the slices midway to make top crispy butwhocares. Tea? I just had tea. Water is good. Here's the peanut butter, last peanut butter. One kilogram of peanut butter with start at Sunday, end at Saturday. One kilogram in a week, that's something. Nice outside, good for running. Oh toast, next toast. Down, gonna eat four. Spread butter, thick like that guy in fourth grade, but that was butter, this is pbutter putter utter. Mein mutter ist en butter utter. Yes. Good putterbutter.

Bad bookprogress, but little math. Read in sofa? Okay. Connect thick euro is grinder, this is lamp no light switch is off. There. How many pillows under book? Funny prop-up-reading-style. Two? This is nice. The Dutch physicist Christan Huygens envisioned light as series of pulses emitted from each...



That is, the viewer "sees" the tip of an image point P'. Good, run? Here are long trousers, no shorts. It's December. No snow, not slippery. Dark now, city has lights. Use red hoodie? Yes. No wait, it'll get sweaty, I like this one at home oh wait I have a sporty-thing-jacket in the closet, where? There. Now, a key. Here. Oh nifty keyholder plastic clip thing in pocket good, no need to worry. Don't like uneven tied shoes, don't wanna stop, tie good, okay there. Fridge is closed. I haven't been in fridge since I checked if it was closed yesterday, this is OCD?

Not very warm, good for run. Some do warmup, I'm already running. Just run. When does one automatically start breathing heavily? Just start now. Four steps in, four out. Or should it be two-two? There's bound to be magic behind this, the ultimate breathing tec—oh there's a guy almost can't see. On phone, shadowphone.

Pavement a bit frozen. Good sand, won't die. Just down this road, up through trees around down to supermarket and home, yes good haven't run in weeks don't wanna overdo it. Just compact back a bit, or whatever this does. Breath in out. Pain in nose, cold. Okay only mouth, two-two no four-four I don't know! Two-two-four-four-no wait missed turn can I continue? Or... No just stop, back oh only ten meters there. This leads to the road towards the supermarket. Not going in but past and then home. Big circle of a run. Oh this bicycleroad is wet isitheated? Never snow, mustbeheated. Wet-water-no-ice. Around supermarket no heating now, ice again don't die it's okay there's sand. More tempo, last bit. Not long but its good, long time since run. Stop at the first house. Slippery, sand, house, stop. A cooldown walk, what do they call it? Only twenty meters, not really a cooldown, just a slow stop.

New towel, old is old. In closet, in in here. Yes. This? No big ones left. This is small, but biggest. Okay. Lets put it—this has no hanger. Why the hell. It has a silly insignia, one of those posh shitty-towels from place that find practical things like hanger ugly and spends the rest of their lives with towels living on the floor? Here's the nail clipper its sharp, there's a hole! Cut it up a bit. There. Fits. Take that posh-shitty-towel. You tried so hard, and fought so hard, but in the end you ended up uglier than the one with a hanger haha ha. Ha.


Runclothes here, gotta dry. Eat? No. Maybe look at phone email twitter no lookie lookie head crammed not gonna look gonna look full of cram. Clamcram. I'm not no. Look-lookie-look-look-look this is like some mad rambling thing with words like look-lookie-look-look everywhere lookie-look. Maybe I should write this down something about not looking at phones, having day, look-lookie-look-look. Alright.

Parts of this text are excerpts from "Introduction to Optics" by Pedrotti et al.