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August 3, 2017

I hate money

There are lots of extravagant things to want in life. I don't want much in the ways of luxury, but it would for example be nice to travel a bit more. But that would require money. I hate money. Don't get me wrong, if I had an easy enough way to just get hold of lots of money I wouldn't mind. But I hate money because in order to get it you have to work. Working is a fantastic way to throw away your life. Spend your time. Spend your physical health. Spend your mental health. Spend all these precious unreplenishable resources, not even doing something you really like, committing to someone else's bidding. All this, so you can get hold of that cash in order to do that thing than from the get-go was an extravagant luxury.

It's not worth it.


Because in the end you'll land on minus. Oh hardy har har lets work 40 hours a week, feel like dying, so we can—in the short annual time slot where we are allowed—go to Peru and see some shit. Some shit that would have been nice to see had we not been wasted from actually getting hold of that money which allowed us to go there. Ho ho ho lets continue! Let us do this thing until we're 65 and retire so we can finally live life as old people, instead of having some kind of freedom, peace and calm in our prime years.

It's a wasted life and I'd rather shoot myself than force myself through it. I will instead do whatever minimal effort I need to get money for rent and food and in my precious spare time do things I find interesting.